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high-performanceCatalyst builds high performance law firms through committed partnerships with law firm owners.  We create strategic plans  based on real word law firm practice building.   Our methods work. Teams perform better and firms become more profitable. We’ve seen it over and over: With a high performance team, there are higher levels of success.  Tired of the status quo.  Change the dynamics.  Create a Catalytic Retreat!   To learn more about becoming a high performance law firm click Learn More.

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Integrated Marketing

marketingThe marketing landscape for law firms is changing rapidly. Our team of experts is innovative in its approach and stays ahead of the curve by researching, designing and implementing marketing plans that integrate traditional media with social media and other important Web strategies. Our marketing plans deliver return on investment and keep you ahead of your competition. For ideas on integrated marketing, please click here.


masterySo, what is your plan? Are you moving toward your goals, or have the little things gotten in the way? We help you. We create a foundation based upon your personal goals and then help you realize your vision as your firm and its members grow together. It’s called mastery. And it’s never too soon or too late to achieve. Learn more here.

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When we started out, we decided to commit a portion of our time at no charge to helping lawyers find a new way to live and practice law. Their success has been overwhelming. Meet with us in the comfort of our home, away from the hustle and bustle, and together we’ll uncover what’s really important. It really is free. Learn more by clicking here.