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Proven Help for Law Firms

We teach law firm owners how to build high performance teams and profitable law firms that stand the test of time!

Law Firm Coaches & Mentors

The team at Law Firm Coach teaches law firm owners how to manage, market and master their firms. We go a step above law firm consulting. We coach you and share our combined 100+ years of knowledge to help you and your key team members build, manage, and sustain a high performance law firm while guiding you in regaining a healthy work-life balance. You and your law firm will benefit from our leadership experience and common sense approach to management.

“Just as the name implies, Catalyst is an agent for change. If you desire to work “out of the box” and are willing to do the work, then this is time and money well spent. I now run my firm “on purpose” and not by chance.” 

~Tiffany Spann-Wilder, Esquire, Spann Wilder Law, LLC

Need a Law Firm Management Guru?

It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day management of your firm, leading you to feel like you do not get to practice law anymore. We help you and your team analyze structure and processes and implement best business practices to create a healthy, high-performance work environment. We collaborate with you to develop a sound strategic plan to move the firm forward. We will also train your management team and key personnel on mentoring and ethical leadership techniques to implement the plan successfully. Need help hiring qualified candidates or finding a marketing (or other) partner? We can guide you through that process, as well.

“Whether you’re in the early stages of your career/practice, somewhere in the middle, or more advanced but stuck in the mud, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to Cheryl and Dave.”

~Mike Lewis, Mike Lewis Attorneys

How is Law Firm Coach Different?

The engagement process starts with you – what’s important to you (values and beliefs) and where you want to be personally and professionally a year or more down the road.

  • We are about a relationship with the client; we don’t just plan and walk away
  • We build things to suit the law firm owner
  • We believe in values-based work environments
  • We walk the path with the client as long as the client wants
  • Our goal is to share our knowledge with clients so they can lead others
  • We don’t deal in volume, so you have our time and attention
  • Read our testimonials or ask for a list of our exceptional references

Do I Really Need a Coach or Mentor?

Yes – everyone does, even those who mentor others. Coaches and mentors share knowledge. A coach can often help you step back and see things from a different perspective. At Law Firm Coach, we build relationships with our clients. We don’t hand you a complex strategic plan and leave. You have specific needs, and we structure our work to meet them. You tell us how long you would like us there to assist you and your firm. You want your firm and your team members to succeed. Our team can help you make that happen.

“I have known Cheryl and Dave for the majority of my professional career and I trust and respect them. They care about the legal profession – not only the work we do and how well our firms operate, but how well we take care of ourselves in striking our best individual balance professionally and personally.”

~Rebecca Britton, Britton Law, P.A.

Come for a Free Porch Chat!

When we started out, we decided to commit a portion of our time at no charge to helping lawyers find a new way to live and practice law. Their success has been overwhelming. Meet with us in the comfort of our home, away from the hustle and bustle, and together we’ll uncover what’s really important. It really is free. If you are ready to commit to positive change, contact us today to schedule a time to visit. Learn More or Schedule a Visit!