Law Firm Marketing on a Shoe String: A cup of gratitude

If you preach client service, you appreciate someone else who renders great client service. This cup of cheer spreads more good will and drives more name recognition and new cases than any trick I know. Buy in bulk coffee cups with firm name, colors and logo. Make a contract with the florist that handles your firm business. Ask them to put into the cup the current flowers of the month (this saves florist money to use low cost flowers). Print a card with your firm name, logo, tagline.
Then hand write the following:

We believe in extraordinary client service. Thus we appreciate when we see good service from others. You helped one of our firm members in your job and you gave extraordinary service. Good job!”

Sign it personally and if you can let someone from the firm deliver it.

Who do you give to? Choose one person a month from nominations within the firm of someone who truly gave client service at the grocery store, drug store, medical office. Get their name off their badge or however.

I can promise you that when that cup is delivered to the person you will see (1) the employee be over-whelmed and tell the entire office or store; (2) her boss also be impressed and applaud the employee; and (3) everyone who hears about it will know your firm practices what it preaches!

Cost: $15.00