Law Firm Management Tip: Throw Out the Employee Evaluation Form

Our advice: Throw out your evaluation form!  We must confess that employee evaluations are not our favorite thing. In a high performance law firm the goal is to motivate people.   In a high performance law firm, employees are counseled immediately when there is a problem and praised when they do good.  The annual evaluation should be a look at where you want them to go and how you can help them achieve some goals for themselves and  the firm. 

  Our experience with implementing goal focused evaluations shows that employees want to help drive the firm vision and learn new things.  A motivated employee takes responsibility for their job and their actions.

  Again, throw out the evaluation that rates people and instead develop an evaluation that provides goals and structure.  Then continually monitor to make sure the employee is on track.  And when they accomplish some goals, reward them.  And if they don’t revisit the goals.

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