The Friday Lawyer Tip

  Long week!  Feel nothing accomplished?  Can’t wait until the weekend?  Have to take home work?  Do yourself a big favor.  Take two hours Friday afternoon to market yourself or our firm. How?

    Get out of the office and go somewhere you can think!   Be it the library, the house or a walk around the block you must focus on how to leverage yourself and your career (and your firm).  Make 3 goals of what you will do over the next week to get yourself and/or your firm in front of someone.

   Now go drop in on some businesses, peers or people that haven’t seen you in a while.   Keeping your name in front of people is nothing more than being visible.

   Certainly out of an entire week you can find 2 hours to focus on yourself and your firm.  Remember failure to execute is the number one reason firms do not grow.