Law Firm Employees: What is my job?

Answer:  Your  job is to make the law firm look good! I am a huge proponent of job descriptions in law firms.   A good one not only gives a realistic overview but sets up very specific details of expectations.   An employee, lawyer or otherwise, cannot succeed if they do not know the rules of the game.

The bigger picture, however, is very simple.  You are hired to make the law firm and the lawyers look good.   If you put this image in the mind of your firm members you will find that there thought process takes on a bigger focus.   It stops them from having tunnel vision on their own job.  They start using words like “Mr. Smith wants…” or “We are doing…”.    Be careful of the firm member who uses the word “I” all the time.  Not only does it place you at risk if a non-lawyer but it simply says that this firm member just doesn’t get it.

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