Buckeye Sets the Record Straight!

You will find that it was only when I joined this group that things became somewhat more organized.   About 2 years ago we took over a part of Nana’s website, Catalyst Group.  She does something with lawyers.  All I know is that they show up at the house so tired and sad and when they leave they are happy and relaxed and excited.  I don’t think it is the wine.  I think they just needed a pep talk.  But I digress.   Mr. Ian (this web guru) has gotten us up and running on her new site so now we can really communicate.  He’s a little worried about us twittering but we are dogs and we woof, not tweet.  We are into social media big time.

I have 2 sister dogs.   Hearsay is a goof ball, greets everyone by ripping their shirt off their back.  Piper the Princess is a a snob.  Piper goes to work at Mom’s law firm and eats from the big bed.   But when you get beyond that you find that they have a whole lot of love in their hearts.

I think you need to realize my life before these two.  Dad and I had been together since I was a small puppy of some 30 #.   Dad is from Ohio and my grand-parents, Grand-ma Sue and Grand-pa Glen, are Ohio grown and that makes them the best.  They had Sara but she passed away.  Grand-pa Glen retired and they moved to North Carolina.  I think they needed someone else so they went and got Jake.

My Dad works for a big company and he travels  a lot. Sometimes it is out of country so we have to learn different woof language to say hi!    He went to THE OHIO STATE and then got his Ph.D (for the longest time I thought that meant philosophy of dog but then Hearsay told me the truth.  Back to the story. He works for the company that makes Green Tractors and he does something with marketing.   Dad was so busy so it was just him and me in an apartment.  During the day I went to Doggie Camp while he was gone.   One night he came home and told me he had met this woman who was a lawyer.  Well I admit my hair just stood straight up.  WOMAN!   He asked me to please think about it a bit.  And then he told me she had two WOMEN that were just like me.  Man…boys night out!

We went visiting and it was fun to have the three of us goldens against those two.  I realized early on that Hearsay & Piper weren’t going to be my women but my sisters.  The three of us noticed the goofy looks they kept giving each other and we figured it would just be a matter of time.  We all decided to be real good because we thought they were a bit lonely.  While each of us could take care of them without another human in their lives, let’s face it, it is hard to take us out to dinner and dancing in a nice place.   So we played nice.  We would pretend how much fun it was to set with them. We didn’t act stupid or crazy.  And the next thing you know they were married!  Then the gloves came off and life hasn’t been the same for them since.

Mom can say what she wants but I secretly think she likes me best.  She has to make a commercial every once in a while and I get to be in it.  She says it is because I am high on the gene pool.  She also say I can just set and stare for hours like I am looking at ghosts and that is apparently important in a commercial.

And along with Mom, Hearsay and Piper is all this family.   Nana and Grand-pa Dave are the coolest.  We stay with them lots.   I found out I can’t jump on Nana’s back because it knocks her about ten feet forward.  And if I break her hip my Mom will have to take care of her so I have been warned.  And when Mom and Dad are gone I my grand-parents watch me.   We play lots of games.  We only have one SMALL problem. My cousin, Mr. Bill (their son).  He was trained to herd.   When I go his house  he is constantly herding all of us.  I just don’t understand why I get herded into the closet or the bathroom. Every once in a while someone has to make him stop and let me out.  And there is Ms. Bea  Beagle seem to rank pretty high on the food chain  She snores so loud the airport moved away from their house.  And eat, my God!  But she loves Dad Tony and she loves all of us and that is what counts.   And the final member is  again Jake the Demon Dog.  Grand-pa Glen & Grand-ma Sue absolutely love Jake.  Our Mom and Dad call him the Demon Dog.  Okay so he acts like he is possessed.  Dad has him in therapy.  But when you got cousins you just accept it, they are family, and we all are a part of a part of the Golden Gang.

All in all this golden gang is complete.  We all give love and we receive love.  We are the luckiest dogs in the world.   Nana says we can post things from time to time as long as we tell the truth about how nuts we all are.  Let’s face it today I am posting to a blog, and tomorrow there is Facebook and Twitter (or woofing). 


PS:  We do have one SLIGHT PROBLEM.   Mom loves Penn State, Pittsburg Steelers, and Penguins.  Dad loves Ohio State, Dallas (most of the time).  Oh yea there is something about politics and who is blue (mom) and who is red (Dad) but my theory is Yes We can!  because we are family! (sounds like a song).