Hearsay Has Her Say!

First, let’s clear the air.   Even though Buckeye thinks he controls the mouse I control the hard drive (I am the smart one of the group).   And I was the first.    I came into Mom’s life right after she lost her Great Dane, Savannah.  Savannah had been with Mom through thick and thin and had attended all three years of law school with her.  Mom passed the bar (yea!) and then her second year of practice lost Savannah.   She was heart broken but she had a pretty smart Mom herself who said ‘you need another dog’ (don’t you love Nanas because they just instinctively know what to do).  Anyway Mom agreed and off they went and they found me.

I am the prankster of the group.  When you come to visit our home I am the first one at the door and my favorite trick is to grab your clothes and either pull you to the ground or tear your shirt off you.  I know. I am not supposed to do that but the look of terror on everyone’s face is sometimes worth getting swatted with a dish towel.  I am getting better and now when someone comes I run look for my lambie and run to greet them going ‘woooo-woooo-woooo’

Here’s the deal.  The first one has to be the best and has to be the leader of the pack.   For two years or so it was me and then Mom had to get me a sister and along came Piper (THE PRINCESS I MIGHT ADD).   And we two were doing fine when Mom met this guy (now called Dad) and I swear the only thing she thought he had going for her was he had a golden called Buckeye.  Now Dad works for a big company (not sure I can say the name but they make big green tractors) and he travels a lot.  Anyhow Mom married Dad And that brought in some dog-cousins that simply can’t be defined in one post.
You will meet lots of our family.  First there is my Nana and Grand-pa who live near us. We have a cousin that lives with them and his name is Mr. Bill.  He is a sheltie (not as good as a golden but he keeps us in line).   Well his name is actually Sir William of Raleigh  but he is always doing things so they yell a lot and call him Mr Bill or if he does something bad it is “oh no Mr. Bill”.   Then there is grand-ma and grand-dad from Ohio (guess where the name Buckeye came from) and they moved to be hear us (we think).  They now have Jake (known as Jake The Demon Dog).   Let me think ..well there is Uncle Tony and he has Bea (no comment).  Oh yea we have another grand-pa called “Big Guy” and he is a retired Marine (sure gets jumpy alot when we are around. Seems to me he should be a bit more stable and quick on his feet being a Marine). 

I guess what I want to say is this is me and this is mine. 


PS:  One more important thing.  When we are home playing by ourselves Piper and I will leap into the air and yell “Yes We Can” and Buckeye sort of puts his head down and paws over his ears.  I am starting to wonder about Dad’s political affiliation but that is another story.