GoldenGangOnLine: The Man of the House by Buckeye Noble

Wow!  Surprise – Surprise  We are getting humans now reading us.  Thanks for the subscribes. We had a board meeting yesterday and are thinking of starting our own VIEW FROM THE PUPPY CAVE. for television.    But I digress… 

It has been obvious to Hearsay and Piper as well as Mr. Bill, Ms. Bea and Jake that there has to be one dog in charge and it seems to me that I am the obvious choice.  After all I am 90# plus of one good looking golden.    As my mom says I look like I come from high end of the golden retriever gene pool even though the rest say I am dumb as a brick.  I am just thoughtful from time to time.  If Mr. Ian, the web genius,  would hurry up and get our photos up you could see. Again, I digress 

To be the man of the house you have to start out getting in the groove and looking good.  Now while my Mom frankly is just flat out goofy in the morning (she gets this from Nana unfortunately) my Dad, who has his PH.D (Philosophy of Dog) tends to have a bit more class.  He is a good role model and has taught me that your day goes the way you start out looking.  

Every morning Mom gets up (unless she whacked herself running into the bathroom door at night when she goes to the bathroom – which happens once a week) and yells “Okay..poodies and pees” and we all leap off the bed, knocking Mom and Dad to the floor,  and run to the backdoor where we joyously great the day.  We then come back in and we get to eat.  Piper gets ready for work (she goes with Mom most days as someday she wants to be a lawyer) and Hearsay usually has the balls stuck in her mouth just woo-wooing.  I think Hearsay wants to play in March Madness someday.    Then..and this is the best part of us:  The Men of the House get ready! 

My Dad yells “Come Get a Facewash!”  I go slippin’ and slidin’ into the bathroom where my Dad wets a facecloth and washes my face.  Man does this feel good.   I keep moving my face and wiggling around so he gets every bit of the sleepies out of my eyes.  Then Dad says “Go get your style ’em up from your Momma”.  I then rush to Mom who is waiting for the daily do.   

Buckeye sporting his Woodrow Wilson hairstyle

She always holds my face and looks at me, turning my head, trying to see in my eyes what type of day I want.  She talks to me about the interesting lives we lead and we even gossip about my sisters and my cousins (Just like a real beauty shop). Depending on how I feel we have different hairstyles.  I have the Donald Trump, a comb over.  Then there is Don King (when I am in my entrepreneurial mood).  And there is even a Woodrow Wilson look.   Now Mom loves the Bo Derek look but it is just not manly. 

Today we are trying something new.  I am going for the Obama Look as I am thinking how to be a bit  more presidential looking.  She said the hair was okay as I just got shaved by the groomer. Frankly she had to work a bit with the ears.  But what the heck a few paperclips and some modeling clay behind them and they are now rounded and stick out.   I can even do that goofy grin he gets when he thinks he has told a joke.  

Well anyway that is the way the Man of the House gets ready for work.  I am working on my PH.D. like Dad did.  I have been thinking about writing my thesis about “Free Trade with Chinese Dogs” but frankly have you seen that hairless Chinese Crested?  That is one ugly dog.  They may want to outsource here and not sure that is a really good idea.  I realizes that we should welcome all those who yearn for freedom but geez… 

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God Bless America – Buckeye (sounds Presidential doesn’t it)