TGIF Lawyers Challenge: Taking A Break To Grow

TGIF Lawyers see Fridays as a way to grow and move forward.  By the end of the week most people who work in law fims are tired, exhausted and brain dead.  At my daughter’s law firm she just closes the office at 1:00 p.m.  Over a period of years she has not felt she ever lost the big case or upset a client.  Her staff do work an extra 30 minutes Monday through Friday.  Because of this her high performance employees see this as a huge benefit and they have  a strong desire to keep the firm moving forward to follower her vision.  Friday is Beth’s catch up day.  The attorneys usually stay and work in an environment that provides for no interruptions.  This is when she and her partner catch their breaths and talk vision and growth.

Another client I have (2 female law firm owners) who are in our small  law firm mentoring program made a decision to do the same thing and they set aside Friday afternoon to work strictly on their growth, vision, and organizational changes they make.  They have a defined agenda and it is there time to work on their dreams. They have defined goals they meet each week.  By the way one of those was to improve their health and they have each lost 17 pounds.  They also now close their office at 1:00 p.m. every Friday. 

If you lose one client but have time to plan how to increase your case load by 10 cases it appears to me you win.  The biggest reason law firms fail or stay the way they are is failure to execute.  You can’t execute unless you see the time needed as a priority.   And you almost have to have time to recharge your batteries before you hit the weekend of family events or even more work needed to get done by Monday.

If you follow my advice I would like a direct email from you telling what you did today to improve your branding, your firm, or youself.  And make it a weekly event.  For more information of TGIF for Lawyers, contact