Golden Gang Online: The View From The Puppy Cave

DON (Dog Owned Network) announced today that its newest program “The View From the Puppy Cave” has become a smash hit with a record dog watching viewers.  The show, hosted by Golden Retrievers Buckeye, Hearsay & Piper Noble provide a fresh perspective on today’s dog problems along with a fresh look of the world around us. The first program, which airedyesterday, had as their guest, Shadow May.  May is a graduate of Westminster where she majored in Newfoundland History.  She  is a recognized expert in the art of dog networking.  Her newest book “Woof-Woofing Across the Yard” is based on her experiences of developing strong relationships within your own community.  

The following is a very small excerpt from the show:   


Buckeye:  Glad to have you all with us.   As you know our home has a Puppy Cave in the lower third floor where we are hang when humans are in the house doing things for our owners.  As a result of this enforced seclusion at least once a week, we found ourselves with time to read and write and discuss philosophy of dog.  When DON offered us a chance to talk about those things we like we thought it a perfect format for telling the truth from the dog’s point of view.  What do you think Hearsay? 

Hearsay: Woooo-….Woooo…Wooo.. 

Princess Piper

Piper: For God’s sakes, Hearsay, drop the ball and watch the big black box with the red light.  Honestly (flips her head back and looks haughtily down her nose)…

Hearsay: What, Your Highness, miss the throne? 

Buckeye:   Settle down ladies.  Now with a great big Golden Reitreiver welcome, here is SHADOW MAY!

Shadow May

ShadowWow!  what a pleasure to be here.   It is so hard to express some opinions just talking back and forth across the street. 

Hearsay:  (under her breath): Well it is because you sleep all the time out in the front on top of the stones.

Piper:  Hellooooooooooooo love the black coat.  

Buckeye;  Oh my God…. 

Shadow:  I actually want to talk about the recent turn of events with the last elections and the fact that you all posted both a red and blue sign in your yard. You know the bit, a house divided..  After all..


 HearsayOkay now you have my attention.  I want you to know that when it comes to Vet Care for all I feel…..

 BuckeyeI think we need to take a commercial break..

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