Truth:  Each marketing vendor has a new approach with assurances that you will increase your case load.   Here is the truth:  There is no magic bullet in marketing.  If you don’t integrate your marketing channels and programs, you are wasting marketing dollars and your return on investment is non-existent.

To achieve marketing success, all marketing efforts must be integrated to deliver the same consistent message, whether it’s in printed form, on the web, or in traditional media. 

We have watched as some of our clients have attempted to handle their marketing piece-meal with numerous vendors, and we’ve see them get the same tired advice, most of which fails to deliver an acceptable return on investment. We believe that effective law firm marketing requires a 360-degree viewpoint where you are in position to maximize each piece of your plan.

Integrated marketing is pulling all pieces of the puzzle together into a unified plan and then creating a marketing team (either in house or out sourced) that are all on the same page.  This group can be one person or several people but it has to be a team committed to delivering the message that defines you and your firm. 

Our goal is to give you an overview of various types of marketing (not all of them) but also an insight as to how they become  integrated with controlled marketing so you don’t waste your time and money…

This manuscript was presented at Essentional Practice Management on February 23, 2011 in Raleigh, NC. If you wish a complete copy of the article contact us through our website and request a copy.  We will be glad to send it to you.  This will also place you on our list of future articles and free marketing and management tips.