A Family Meeting Moment by Buckeye Noble

In absolute candor, the three of us are in a bit of shock.  Even Hearsay has let the ball drop from her mouth and it has remained open for about 2 hours now.  Piper is walking back and forth singing “Nobody knows the trouble I see…” and I am trying to wrap my head around this so I am remaining calm as the man of the Puppy Cave.

Buckeye Noble

Basically here is what happened.  I overheard Nana say to Mom a week ago in a deep whisper (which for her is like shouting across the yard) “I think you are going to have to tell them now, not a year down the road.”   Dad said to Nana,  “Okay there you go again with your psychology degree” and Mom said “Now Shawn maybe she is right” at which point Dad rolled his eyes. I digress.  Anyway Mom and Dad called a family meeting and sat us down in front of the couch.  Have you ever know the greatest storm ever is coming and you can’t do a darn thing but ride out the waves?  Well frankly that was my feeling.  Mom got that teary eyed “oh my god I am so happy” look and Dad was beaming bigger than when OSU beat Michigan.

Dad said that no matter what they were going to love us as much if not more (this is known as “make them feel good before you drop the bomb”.  Mom said that we were the dearest thing to them.  Hearsay asked,  “You didn’t give us to Nana did you?” and Piper bolted to the bed.  All of us then had to go get in the bed because once Piper is enthroned on the bed you know what could freeze over before she would move.  So now we are all three on the bed and Dad clears his throat and puts his arm around Mom.  They then explained they wanted to expand the family and wanted to tell us that they had applied and were working on an adoption.   Well you could have knocked us over with a dog bone.  First of all 3 dogs is just enough. We had to  run off Mr. Bill, Ms. Bea and Jake the Demon Dog and what we don’t need is another Golden.  There is only so much ear nubbins and head rubs humans can give at the same time.

I took all 70# of my male muscle and jumped on top of Dad who is now laying on the floor looking up with “What the…?”.  Mom is pulling on my collar.  We are all howling “no more dogs”.  Then Mom said “oh my babies..we are not getting another dog, we are getting a baby human”.   That was at the point that Heasay dropped the ball out of her mouth and Piper jumped off the bed and started pacing and singing.

You will have to forgive us this post. I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this event.  Here’s my take.  My Mom and Dad are so full of love there is not only enough for us but also for Nana and Grand-pa Dave, Uncle Tony, Grand-ma Sue and Grand-pa Glenn, and Grand-pa Big Guy. Then there are the 100 cousins on both sides. And never once have we ever lacked for love in this family.  In fact we just keeping getting better and better as we grow bigger.  I figure one tiny little baby human just isn’t going to change our life style at all…is it?