Working More and Enjoying it Less?

Are you living as the person you want to be? Are you working all kind of hours with no time to yourself? What is the point? Building any business involves hard work. But it should also include a clear set of rewards. What do you want? Besides all that, you need to define some concrete motivation that goes beyond the satisfaction of a job well done.

Let’s just look at the basics: what do you want, why do you want it, when do you want it, and how are you going to get it? Answer those questions and you have your strategic plan. Another variation I have heard about are these questions: where are you going, why are you going there and who is going with you?

One of the attorneys I first met saw himself as always being an attorney and the head of his practice. After much discussion and challenge he saw another future, one where he could be near the water he loves, having other interests besides law, and being able to live a lifestyle he wanted with financial security. He never allowed himself to dream because he couldn’t see a way to make that dream come true. I had to convince him that you need to dream first, then plan! No plan works if there is no dream to follow!