Just Cheryl: Belief

To want to know how long we will be here is it to limit your life.  We cannot know what is ahead of us, what misfortune may happen to us, what tragedy may be beyond what we think we can endure.   We cannot know what plan there is for us or even if there is one.

What we can do is live our lives as best we can with purpose, love and joy.  We can use each day to let those closest to us know how much they are loved, wanted and needed.  We can treat each person we meet with kindness and respect just as we can ask that for ourselves.

We can help others by simply being kind and having a compassion for others.  We must be willing to help the least fortunate of humans because it is the mark of our character as human beings.

Our mistakes are simply learning experiences and from those we grow.  We need to strive each day to make a better world knowing that it is the smallest of things that can have meaning to others.  We must recognize that we are part of a human connection with all people and the better we are the better human kind will be.

And if we are blessed to have a moment when we can look on our time here, we will know that we spent it well, we made a difference, and that our so quick presence in this life had a lasting impact on the lives of other human beings.