MARKETING ON A SHOE STRING: Compliments from the Firm

If there is anything that will make a friend for life with me is to compliment me on my children. I personally think my daughter and my son are beyond brilliance. Well perhaps above ordinary. This is not counting the times even now that they are adults that I occasionally don’t put my MOM face on and give (as they call it) “the look”.  Having said that I tend to bond with anyone who concurs with my assessment of my children.

When Beth was in high school she was featured in the newspaper when she won something.   Obviously I was proud. About two days later in the mail came a nice envelope from a service provider that had a copy of the clipping for the local newspaper and with it a note that simply said:  “I know how proud you are of Beth. I thought you might like an extra clipping to share with family.”  

I had never met this person, had not utilized the services of the person. However I can assure you that I made contact, investigated the company, and switched my business to this person. I took this person’s interest in getting my attention as someone who would also work to keep my attention.

This shoestring marketing tip is not hard. Buy yourself some note cards with your name and firm name on the front.  NEVER send letters typed to compliment or thank people. Have one staff person search the newspaper for articles such as this and locate the parents and cut out the article. Give it to you with the newspaper clipping. And you do the rest.

Obviously being sincere counts and believe me while people will be impressed if you don’t follow through with extraordinary client service it doesn’t matter anyhow.

Cost: 1 staff person for about 15 minutes a day; one stamp; one note card; 5 minutes of your time. Not a bad investment in marketing.