People love free stuff!  People want instant information!  People want to gain knowledge!  Nothing beats branding a law firm more than doing something for free, that gives information, and educates people.  We are always helping our clients do seminars where one or more lawyers talk on something within their field.  And it is very inexpensive.

1.   Find a place to hold a small seminar (we recommend no more than 50 until you get to be a veteran)

2.  Prepare your subject and write a flyer

3.  Announce the seminar through emails to clients or link up with other providers; i.e.  banks (love to do this), churches, real estate groups, chiropractors, etc.

4.   You can put it in a newspaper which also brands your firm

5.  Create a quick packet that reflects your firm, practice areas, and key points of the presentation

6.  When they come in they sign up with their email (and add it to your growing email marketing list)

7.  Give the presentation and let people ask lots of questions

8.  Follow up with thank you from your firm

A good seminar with advance planning probably costs less than $100.00.  How’s that for keeping the marketing dollars in tact?

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