What do you want out of life?

The starting point for all of the self-mastery exercises I have seen is your purpose or your vision.  It is often called your definition of success. Ultimately it is what you want.  After that there is usually an exercise to figure out what you are passionate about.  With your vision and your passions identified you can develop a plan to realize the life you want.

Over the years I have seen people struggle with this.  They just don’t know what they want or even what makes them happy.  Change the question a little and think of a time when you felt at peace, or a time when you felt good about yourself. What are you doing?  Find a place where you can think without distraction.

We have had people remember a time when they were alone and others that remember a noisy family reunion.   Don’t try to force a memory or assume it will be a certain way. Eventually you will think of a place and a time when you felt good.  When think of a time you will start to remember other times as well.  Make some notes about what you were doing or what was going on around you.

Slowly you will build a picture of your paradise.  Now, with those memories fresh, work on your vision.  What would you like to accomplish in this lifetime?