Who are you?

Whether written as a mission statement, spoken or merely understood, your firm’s culture describes and governs the ways you and your staff think, feel and act. I would say that your culture starts with your logo because that is the first thing clients see. Whatever shape it takes, your firm’s culture plays a big role in determining how well your business will do.

If you’re not happy with your current culture, there are things you can do to start changing it now. Look for a symbol, story, ritual or logo you could use to bring out the values and personality you want for your firm. You could start with a new firm logo symbolizing your new culture. Or you could choose a story to focus on your approach to business and make it part of your culture.  How much more exciting would your firm’s culture be if your logo expressed the personality of the firm, or your mission statement was more than how to make money.  Consider what you are passionate about, the values you want to be evident, or the service you want to provide.

We constantly preach integtrated marketing.   You must learn to brand yourself clearly and concisely.  Who you are must be reflected in every bit of marketing, hard image and soft image.  Let’s face it everyone knows the Nike brand!