Law Firm’s Director of First Impressions!

I was interviewed  for a national legal publication on the position of a receptionist.  I immediately corrected the writer and told him that the correct title in today’s modern progressive law firm is Director of First Impressions.  My partner loves titles and has given this out to many law firm owners, including my daughter’s firm who immediately put it on a name plate with name and put it at the front desk.  She receives feedback constantly from her clients who love it.

In today’s competitive law firm arena, the first person a client sees or talks to in your firm is probably the Director of First Impressions (DFI for short).  I am constantly amazed that many law firms place at the front desk a person who can’t quite cut it as a work generator and use this as a dumping ground for ineffective employees.  Yet this person can make the difference in the growth of the business.

The DFI is the key cornerstone employee in a client relationship marketing (CRM) program.  Hiring a person with the right people skills, the ability to multi-task, and the ability to engage with the client, whether new or existing can make the difference between a banner year or a famine year.

Think of this:  If this position can engage one person to hire the firm and your average fee is $5000 that is $60,000.00 a year produced by this effective person.  Gosh..2 cases a year: $120,000.00.

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