Law Firm Management

In 2008, we wrote the article From Start to Never Finished and it was very successful. We decided to repeat it so that lawyers thinking of going out on their own could get the benefit of our experiences and those of the people we have met. We thought after five years the article might need drastic updates. To our surprise, we realized we only needed minor changes. We might add that we have found compelling evidence of those who enter a new practice as a business person instead of a lawyer (darn those many hats you will wear), are much more successful. More important we found that our belief in high performance principles was justified and we encourage you to go through our website which gives a great overview of HP principle.

We have defined ten stakes in the ground that you, as a potential law firm owner, need to consider. Our favorite saying is what part of “for profit” don’t you understand? If you do it right, you will be a profitable law firm that delivers a high quality work product with exceptional service, and you will reap the rewards of your dream.

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