Law Firm Coaching: Yes or No?

By Cheryl J. Leone, Law Firm Coach

The practice of law requires a thoughtful, slow, deliberate way of taking the laws we live by and making them relevant to today. The business of law is the same way. But while our legal authorities to be in Washington are careful to preserve the intent and meaning our forefathers set forth, the business powers to be are saying loud and clear, “What works in the past is not working today if you want to be a profitable thriving law firm or legal professional!”

Over the past year, we at Catalyst and Law Firm Coach have rebranded ourselves and expanded our offerings to make us more relevant to our personal and professional goals. What we have not done is changed the Catalyst way of thinking when it comes to mentoring and coaching legal professionals and law firm owners. We believe if you do not change your thinking and change your way of doing the business of law, you won’t be here down the road.

Time and time again we see lawyers and law firm owners come sit a bit with us and during the course of the time become enthused Catalyst converts. We offer this free of charge because frankly we get a kick out of it. And we tell these enthused legal eagles how to do it. And they leave ready to take up the banner and charge forth with specific goals to create change and to create growth on their own.

They then return to the day to day hectic and demanding life of law firm ownership or participation and there simply is not enough time in the day. They forgot Lesson #1: If it is important to you then you will put it first and make the time. They continue to run in circles, frustrated, tired and with a defeated attitude.

The question begs why then a mentor or coach to get you there. Our theory is if you are serious about change and you can’t hold your own feet to the fire, then you need someone who will. A good coach is not going to just talk the talk, he or she is going to walk the walk with you. The right mentor coach is going to know that if you could know how to do it you wouldn’t have asked. Showing and teaching by example helps you learn.

We at Catalyst deplore people who call themselves consultants for a good deal of money and then tell you what you already know. We tend to find every client we have already had a good idea what the answers were before they hired us. What they need was accountability and fresh, relevant thinking to get them where they wanted to go.

We are not the only game in town and we don’t profess to be. We have philosophy as to how to run a law firm and your life that works and we try to convert those we think can succeed with change. There are others out there that do it their way.

What we suggest simply is this:

  1. Can you do it on your own and hold yourself accountable for time and effort without letting other things come ahead of the commitment?
  2. Do you have the knowledge to build a strong plan and commit the time, effort and knowledge to making change?
  3. Are you willing to go through the chaos that ensues to come out the other side on your own?

People change when they get uncomfortable enough that staying the way they are is not acceptable. If you answer the above questions no, and you feel that change must occur, then do your research and find the best people possible for yourself.

In the end, it is your life, your practice, your career. Invest in yourself first.

About the Authors

Principals Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone are the founders of Catalyst Group, Inc. with its corporate offices in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rounding out the Coaches is Attorney Carl Solomon of Columbia, South Carolina. They share a common value and belief system that everyone deserves a chance to work for themselves and do it in such a way that it is profitable, enjoyable and respected by others. For more information email our Head Coach.

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