Is Your Law Firm Prepared for an Emergency?

As we sit here in Raleigh watching the news about Hurricane Florence (and several tropical disturbances behind her), we started to wonder how many law firms are prepared to deal with a potential large-scale emergency. All businesses should have disaster preparedness plans to accommodate small issues – like a server outage or water leak in the building – as well as larger scope problems like a hurricane, flooding, or wildfires.

Smaller issues can disrupt your business and cause inconvenience. A larger problem can leave you scrambling to operate your business for weeks or even months. A few high level thoughts as you review your emergency preparedness plans (or quickly write them!):

  • People come first – make sure your team members and their families are safe.
  • Communicate with your active clients ahead of time (if the potential issue is known) or as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Make plans to support your clients – this may include having offsite backups of all case materials or cloud storage; if electricity is out at your offices for any period of time, you may need to secure offsite work facilities in another location.
  • Keep contact information with you, including employee and client phone numbers, as well as your insurance agent’s information.
  • Share the emergency plan with your team. Everyone should know exactly what to expect.

Stay safe!