24 Hours in a Day

One of the popular questions we get at our seminars is; why do I run out of time each week? They will tell us how they set up goals and priorities but still run out of time. The simple answer is, you must factor in the standard list of priorities (basic needs and relationships).

Many things take longer than you anticipate. You may have a one hour doctor’s appointment, but do not take into account filling out the new patient paperwork in advance, driving to and from the appointment, and the quick stop for gas on the way there. Your one hour appointment just turned into a two and a half hour period away from the office. And when you have to rely on another person to get things done (in this case the doctor), their delay may impact your priority list.

It’s normal to occasionally miss your goals, but when it becomes a regular thing, it’s time to take a new look at how you allocate your time. When you set your daily and weekly goals and priorities, make sure you leave time for those standard things that must be done. This will ensure you have a much more realistic chance of completing your personal and professional goals.