Law Firm Strategy for 2019

What’s your strategy for 2019? When we talk about strategic planning, many law firm owners immediately become overwhelmed with the thought of having to develop a long, detailed document outlining their strategies for the year. Stop! You do not have to spend weeks writing a formal plan that will likely end up forgotten. On the other hand, every law firm success story we know of all have one thing in common: they all had a strategic plan in place that created a direction for a defined vision. These plans were not always long and involved, but in every case the owners knew what they wanted and made a map to get there. That is all strategic planning is.

A simple strategic plan

We know you are busy but taking time to develop at least an outline of a plan can help generate success for your firm in 2019. Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  1. Set aside dedicated time to work on your growth plan. This might be an hour a week that you put on your calendar and insist on no interruptions.
  2. Start with your vision for the firm, then add in goals for 2019.
  3. Define who will accomplish these goals and how they will be measured.
  4. Meet with your team to share your vision and goals. Get their input before you finalize the plan. Buy-in from the team will help you accomplish more. Once the plan is finalized, make sure everyone knows they will be held accountable for the goals assigned to them.
  5. We recommend an annual law firm retreat. During the retreat, you will define your vision and goals for 2019. These become the basis of your strategic plan.

If you stay the way you are you will always be the way you are. Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into a firm strategic plan and do it! Hold yourself accountable. Then hold your firm members accountable to help you get there. Want to learn more about becoming a high performance, values based (and profitable) law firm? Give us a call.