Meet The Law Firm Coach Team

Meet The Team That Makes It Happen

Law Firm Coach, a subsidiary of Catalyst Group, Inc., is made up of a core group of people who have been there, done that, and understand law firms inside and out. Their knowledge and reputation in the field of law firm management and creating course direction is well known. Catalyst Group, Inc. was formed in 1999, bringing together the combined talents of Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor. Fine-tuning the art of the business of law is a passion of theirs. Other team members have joined us through the years and used their talents and experiences to make our client’s dreams come true.

The Team

  • Cheryl Leone – CEO of Catalyst
  • David Favor – President of Catalyst
  • Rebecca Britton Mediator/Attorney
  • Jeanne Frazier – Marketing
  • Sarah Britton – Editor
  • Beth Leone – Author/Attorney

Cheryl Leone, CEO
Visionary – Mentoring – Profitable Law Firm Planning – Management Design

Law Firm Coach Cheryl Leone

CEO, People Developer

Cheryl Leone has been in and around law firms her entire life, with more than 50 years working in and with law firms. Her practical knowledge of the internal workings of a firm and its people allows the team to identify and break through bottlenecks within the firm. Cheryl has built firms from the ground up that have withstood the test of time. She believes strongly in high performance law firm team members who are taught to take responsibility for their actions and deliver quality work product. Cheryl is the visionary for the team. Highly energetic, Cheryl seems to instinctively know how to create profitable law firms. While others retire, Cheryl continues to work her magic with lawyers and law firms. One client has given Cheryl a title we love: the “Law Firm Whisperer.” [Return to list]

Dave W. Favor, President
Strategic Planning – Leadership – Mentoring – Case Management Technology

Law Firm Coach Dave Favor

President, Strategic Thinker

Dave Favor spent 30 years at IBM before retiring as a consultant. Dave brings his C-level management experience and understanding of the “art of the business of law” to the table for clients. Dave’s background as a project manager and auditor gives him insight into what makes a law firm profitable. He develops practical processes that build stronger law firms. Dave sees law firms as a business practice with specific deliverables that achieve a strong return on investment for the clients.

Dave believes you must have a long term vision and a strategic plan to support that vision. Those who have met Dave will tell you that when Dave speaks, you need to listen! His advice and impact on our clients has changed non-producing firms into profitable, high performing law firms. [Return to list]




Our team brings a depth of legal experience that provides a competitive edge to our clients. They share a strong sense of core values that define their lives both at work and at home.

Start your journey with Catalyst and our law firm coaches at an informal off-site in Raleigh, North Carolina in an relaxed atmosphere that promotes thought and excitement as the journey is planned. Contact for more information.