Cheryl Leone

Cheryl Leone

Ms. Leone is known for her high energy visionary work with service professional practices. She has brought the art of best business practices to professional practices.. She believes in strong work and life ethics coupled with a positive work culture and true team interaction between lawyers and paralegals and staff. She delivers her speeches and her work with humor coupled with a common sense approach to the art of management, mastering and marketing your practice.

Mr. Favor and Ms. Leone together present many presentations with a “He Said, She Said” presentation style of theory and practice application.

Under Catalyst Cares, a division of Catalyst Group, Inc.,  the company principals donate a significant portion of their time to professional associations for lawyer and paralegals. They waive speaking fees to non-lawyer employee retreats and employee recognition events. In addition each year the corporation donates portions of each contract it held for that year to charities selected by its client and the corporate board.



  • CEO, Catalyst Group, Inc.; Catalyst is a national professional practice development for law firms with emphasis in value management and high performance training.
  • Visionary
  • Speaker, Author and Writer; published
  • Co-Author Law Firm Coach; published by Lawyers Weekly
  • Author, Soaring Eagles; published in national paralegal publications

Summary of Career:

  • 46 years law firm experience with 25 years in administration of law firms;
  • Served as a General Manager for two major law firms
  • Consultant past 15 years.
  • Former Chairperson, Law Office Management Division, NCATL; Note: Developed and created concept for Academy to have a section made up of management personnel; adopted by the Academy 2001; elected Chairperson 2001, 2002
  • Member, Law Office Management, NCBA
  • Member, American Bar Association; Small Office Management
  • Published Marketing on a Shoe String with Law Office Administrator, a national publication 2001
  • Designer and Presenter*
    • Why Eagles Don’t Flock Together
    • TEAM – Together Each Achieve More
    • Soaring Eagles (Self-Mastery for Paralegals)
    • From Expert to Advocate; (Client Relationship Marketing
    • Lawyers are From Mars *Presented 2007 at the McDonald’s Paralegal Treat in Las Vegas, NV.
    • Gone For the Gold (a personal vision of the future of professionals and semi-professionals for future growth)
    • What Do You Want on Your Tombstone; (creating a legacy)
    • How to Manage, Master and Market Your Law Firm
    • What Part of For Profit Don’t You Understand; (effective management and fiscal responsibility for service professional practice owners)
    • To Trust or Not To Trust (proper handling of trust funds for law firms)
    • Vision and Values (How to live an ethical life)
    • Caring Hearts, Compassionate Minds, Clinic Excellence (How to succeed in the 21sts Century in a medical practice)

*These are some of the major presentations given by Ms. Leone.