David W. Favor

Dave W. Favor

Mr. Favor’s extensive business experience before he co-created Catalyst Group, Inc. has brought to small and medium size law firms an expertise in strategic planning coupled with best business practices. His ability to bring the theory of leadership and self-mastery coupled with a balanced scorecard for law firm business has allowed the small and medium size law firms to be competitive in today’s market.

Mr. Favor’s current work is called Wise Leader which helps develop leaders in business and in service practices.   Another one of his works is Leadership in Law; a strategic plan for developing associates, partners and staff members to work best at what they do. This coupled with his strong values based self-mastery teachings brings to the Catalyst client a new dimension to working towards goals.

Mr. Favor and Ms. Leone together present many presentations with a “He Said, She Said” presentation style of theory and practice application.

Catalyst Group, Inc. donates a significant portion of its time to professional associations for lawyers and paralegals. It waives speaking fees to non-lawyer retreats and employee recognition events. In addition each year the corporation donates portions of each contract it held for that year to charities selected by its principals.

Contact: dave@lawfirmcoach.com



  • President, Catalyst Group, Inc.; Catalyst is a national professional practice development for law firms with emphasis in value management and high performance training.
  • Director and creator of 360 Catalyst High Performance Training
  • Lead Catalyst Auditor for business assessments
  • Author “From Planning to Profit in Law Firms”
  • National Speaker, Published Author
  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) member



  • IBM Corporation (1965-1996) Networking Division Management;
  • QAA, Quality Auditing and Assessments Business; lead instructor for ISO-9001 seminars (1997)
  • Consultant, Advance Concepts; ( ISO-9000, MDQ, Baldridge); BCBS NC, Nortel, IBM Y2K Audit (1997 to 2001)
  • President, Favor Management Company (Business Development Company) 1999 to 2002
  • Teacher: Central Carolina Community College; How To Start A Business (2002-2003)
  • Developer” Primus Law Firm Assessment for use with law firms in assessing and implementing business plans for law firms modeled after the criteria required by the Malcolm Baldridge Award and ISO accreditation (1999)
  • Co-developer Catalyst Business Assessment (copyright 2001)
  • Originator The Favor Group Small Business Review; small business analysis plan
  • Strategic Partner with 360 Solutions; group training and seminars for businesses
  • Firm Retreats: Presenter and Designer of Firm Retreats for various law firms; i.e. Dream, Believe, Dare, Do
  • Consulting COO to two major law firms
  • Columnist, “He said, She Said” Fifty Plus; monthly magazine
  • Presenter and Designer: 360 HPT Legal Courses for Law
  • Designer: QA & Management Reports with Needles Case Management
  • Designer: QA for Law Firms; Best Business Practices
  • Presenter: Leadership in Law for Lawyers and Paralegals
  • Presenter: From Start to Never Finished; defining life’s purpose through self-mastery
  • Columnist; He Said, She Said, Fifty Plus, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Contributing writer, North Carolina & South Carolina Lawyers Weekly
  • Co-Presented 2007 McDonald’s Legal Retreat for Paralegals; Lawyers are From Mars; Paralegals are From Venus



  • AAS degree in Computer Science, Capital Institute of Technology
  • IBM Management School
  • International Quality Standards