Our reputation is very important to us.  We appreciate those clients who are willing to share their candid observations of our work.

“Direction. Discipline. Cohesion. Systemization. Focus. If you are lacking or missing any of these things, you need Cheryl and Dave’s help. These two are the real deal. They don’t come to you and try to implement a one size fits all approach. They learn who you are and what you want and they give you the tools to get there. So many times we get stuck in a pattern of returning to what is comfortable. Cheryl and Dave will keep your sights focused on pushing forward. They take a true interest in every person they help. They are fiercely loyal and will do everything in their power to help you succeed – whatever that means to you.”

Lea M.Keller, Mike Lewis Attorneys

“Just as the name implies, Catalyst is an agent for change. If you desire to work “out of the box” and are willing to do the work, then this is time and money well spent. I now run my firm “on purpose” and not by chance. Dave & Cheryl are a Dynamic Duo who helped us be our best firm. They are the natural reach back whenever big change is necessary. I am forever grateful to the universe for being in the right place at the right time to have met them.”

Tiffany Spann-Wilder, Esquire, Spann Wilder Law, LLC

“I needed help. Nothing I learned in law school was helpful in figuring out how to handle it when staff member I valued and needed and the staff member I needed and valued were in constant conflict. I went online and found Cheryl. She met me that morning. Sitting at her dining room table, she talked me through the crisis and out the other side. I had called her in tears; I left a confident business owner and manager. She has done the same thing, under only slightly less dramatic circumstances, again and again over the years. She is my crisis manager, resource coordinator, strategic plan administrator, my visionary, my cheerleader, my rock. I have happily referred her to dozens of friends who needed her trusted guidance, creative solutions, experience and wisdom. With her help, my practice has grown beyond my expectations, but is nowhere close to reaching her expectations. If you can’t see beyond the next curve in the road, go see her and let her show you the satellite view.”

D. Melissa Averett, Attorney, Averett Family Law

“I have known Cheryl and Dave for the majority of my professional career and I trust and respect them. They care about the legal profession – not only the work we do and how well our firms operate, but how well we take care of ourselves in striking our best individual balance professionally and personally.”

Rebecca Britton, Britton Law, P.A.

“Life is only as good as your family and friends can help you make it. I had the great privilege and pleasure to meet Cheryl and Dave in 2010 when my firm was going through some major changes. We remain good friends and colleagues to this day. They are a remarkable team, with incredible knowledge of what makes a great law firm—both at the micro and the macro levels. Their patience is infinite, their insight spot-on, and their concern for getting it right is unparalleled. Whether you’re in the early stages of your career/practice, somewhere in the middle, or more advanced but stuck in the mud, you owe it to yourself and your family to talk to Cheryl and Dave. Kathy and I will be forever grateful for all the guidance and help they gave to us, far and above what we ever expected.”

Mike Lewis, Mike Lewis Attorneys

“Cheryl & Dave meld process and creativity into active goals which can’t help but expand your thinking.”

Paul Hogan, Attorney

“Almost 10 years ago, I had a crazy idea to start my own law firm. I am forever grateful that I was referred to Cheryl and Dave at Catalyst for guidance on this venture. I went to their home office in Raleigh and Cheryl graciously sat with me for over an hour probing me with tough questions about my vision for the firm. At that meeting, she didn’t ask me about office space or computer programs; she asked me to clearly and succinctly articulate why I wanted to have a law firm and what I wanted my firm to accomplish. These were much harder questions than ones that focus on setting up trust accounts and creating a web page. Not that they couldn’t tackle these issues as well. Over the many years that I worked with Cheryl and Dave, we dealt with a wide range of challenges from personnel issues to partnership agreements to purchasing property. They have always delivered practical advice with integrity and compassion. But most importantly, they have inspired me to be crystal clear about what The Noble Law means to me, our clients, our peers and communities. They are very special people with extraordinary hearts and minds. Run, do not walk, to their doors.”

Laura Noble, The Noble Law Firm, Chapel Hill

“After seeing the drastic transformation Catalyst had accomplished in other firms, I knew they were the team to help my firm. Cheryl and Dave rolled up their sleeves and reinvented my practice into exactly what I told them I envisioned. With their focus on client centered company values, leadership training and Needles proficiency, Catalyst increased not only my practice’s bottom line and productivity, but also increased my quality of time outside the office.”

Greg Jones, Attorney

“Having the opportunity to work with such a creative, strong-positive energy, open minded group like Catalyst has been a gift.  Working with both Cheryl and Dave has been an absolute pleasure.  Cheryl gives creativity a new meaning while the wheels in Dave’s mind are constantly turning!  They have changed me from being a manager to being a leader. They have taught me the best business practices coupled with strong leadership delivers a profitable firm.  They are truly gifted mentors.”

April V. Krajnyk, Law Firm Business Manager, Greg Jones & Associates, P.A.

“Starting a law firm practice from scratch was one of the most daunting challenges I have ever faced.   I heard Cheryl speak and contacted her.   She and Dave wrapped their arms around me and my dreams and helped me build the firm the way I wanted it built.  My values counted!! Then, Beth jumped in and brought another dimension to the practice.  Owner to owner, she has walked in my shoes.  They truly are the genuine article and it was never about money with them; it was about me and what I needed to fulfill my dreams.   Now that my firm has grown and expanded it is comforting to know they are out there and our relationship continues today. I can count on Cheryl, Dave and Beth to help me grow and succeed.”

Natalie Miller, Attorney

“Dave and Cheryl practice and preach values based living and management for law firms. The wisdom of surrounding myself with people who have similar values and goals provides a way to succeed. Working with Dave and Cheryl provided me with  a new way at looking at what can bring my life into balance. At the beginning they told us the values of our group were not aligned. They worked with a difficult situation and made it work taking into account the individual needs of all involved. Their counsel helped me make a major change in my practice.  Now I find myself focused on what is important and it has made an impact on what I do both for my family and my firm. And I have a renewed passion for what I do.”

Clark Smith, Attorney

“Catalyst’s visioning and trouble-shooting was invaluable for our firm during a period of significant transition and the overall economic recession.  Catalyst was a side-by-side advisor and sounding board, available at all times and always willing to deliver more than promised.”

David Inabinett, Managing Member, Brinkley Walser Stoner, PLLC

“In Catalyst, we found two dynamic personalities who were able to guide us through a difficult dissolution. The tireless work and dedication of Cheryl Leone and David Favor was extraordinary. They gave us a straightforward plan to profitability. From marketing, to programming, their expertise covered the entire gamut of the day-to-day business of running a legal practice. Their vast expertise combined to give us a clearer vision for the future. Catalyst is an innovative company striving to move forward and keep up with the newest trends in running a profitable law firm.”

Kathy Lewis, COO, Mike Lewis Attorneys

“As principals of Catalyst Group, Cheryl, Dave, and Beth have the integrity, experience, and passion to provide high level consulting and management services to legal firms and businesses who want to grow and prosper in today’s challenging world. Cheryl’s level of enthusiasm and honesty is infectious.”

Mike Fury, Attorney

“While I have never retained Catalyst I have known Cheryl and Dave through other clients.   I know several law firms that speak very highly of them since my firm works within the legal community.  They have said “no one knows how to manage the operation of a law firm like Cheryl Leone and make it more profitable than her.  Catalyst has built their company on results which always translates into more net profit for the firms”.

Sharon DeLuca, SDL Communications

“As Director of Events for one of the top sales trainers in the country, I know what it takes to be successful in the consulting industry. The members of Catalyst Group have the energy and the experience to help others achieve personal and professional success. Their passion for coaching and mentoring is contagious; and their seminars should be required for anyone wanting to increase their business efficiency!”

Michelle Joyce, Director of Events, BuyGitomer, Inc.

“Catalyst brings sanity to the insane world of trying to practice law in the 21st Century. The combined knowledge that Beth, Cheryl and Dave bring to the table gives any law firm an edge towards profitability. More importantly, they also provide the insight to allow the lawyer to have a quality life with a quality practice.”

Timothy C. Morris, Attorney

“Over the past five years, I have come to know Cheryl both personally and professionally. This has brought me in contact with Dave and Beth. I have watched Catalyst grow from a dream to reality. These three people demonstrate a strong sense of fairness, a deep compassion for people they work with and about, and a burning desire to make everyone else believe what they do – that life is all about participation.”

Dr. Rudy Reyes, Lillington, North Carolina