Trusted Advisors

Meet our trusted advisors:

Law Firm Coach Carl SolomonCarl L. Solomon

Carl Solomon is the owner of the Solomon Law Group in South Carolina. He is an advisor, mentor, and national speaker. Carl handles injury cases and complex litigation. He is an advisor, mentor, and national speaker. In 2013 Carl was asked to come aboard with Catalyst as a trusted advisor and mentor for Catalyst clients. He has a passion to help other lawyers succeed at business. He also has a strong belief that you give back. His firm devotes a significant portion of its profits to worthy community services. Read more about Carl Solomon.


Beth LeoneBeth Leone

Beth was a successful law firm owner for many years, where she incorporated the Catalyst philosophy of working for something you are passionate about. Her passion led her to law. She felt she had a book in her and in 2012 started writing.

In 2013 she published her first series of books as Sawyer Bennett, a self-described ‘snarky lawyer from North Carolina.’ She has made the top 100 USA Best Selling Authors with her books. Beth began working in personal injury law firms when she was 15 years old and has worked in every position a law firm has to offer. Read full Bio

Angel CareyAngel Carey

Angel works with Catalyst as an editor and program development consultant. She is a former K-12 educator and Head of Early School for a prominent Pre-K through 8th Grade independent school and an advocate of life-long learning. Angel brings her values-based approach to education and administration to Catalyst.

Angel has designed work processes and procedures for law firms. She worked as a law firm resource center manager, developing the center to support law firm work production. She has supervised resource personnel in client contact, medical resources, and overflow of work production. Angel is the author of several articles on education.

Angel lives in Charlotte, NC, where she enjoys being close to her son and daughter and four amazing grandchildren.