Values, Vision, Mission


Our company has at its core, certain non-negotiable values that drive our decisions.  We practice what we preach.

  • Par excellence in work product (personal excellence, incorruptibility, following through with promises and commitments, taking responsibility for our actions)
  • Dedication to our clients (self-sacrificing devotion to our clients)
  • Compassion for life (a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it)
  • Loyalty to each other and allegiance to our vision. We will keep foremost the vision of the company that meets the needs of the team and allow them freedom to have options as they deem necessary for their personal dreams


Catalyst Group, Inc. will be a company comprised of individuals who are diversified and share similar values and vision.  We will be a solutions driven team.

Our company will focus on transforming law firms into high performance law firms managed by the values defined by its ownership with a ‘for profit’ result through the art of mentorship. Our company will make decisions and grow based on our values and our mission statement. We will create working relationships with those of similar values. Our company will be committed to recognize the spirit of giving back to help others.

We will be a high-energy, visionary team committed to success in our personal and our professional lives

We are a “for profit” corporation but never at the expense of our vision, our values, and our mission.


We focus on the art of the business of law by teaching others to think, dream, believe, and achieve success with integrity.

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