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Catalyst loves to teach and help law firms and lawyers achieve the highest possible degree of personal and professional satisfaction in their careers and their personal lives.  Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor are recognized national speakers and writers on the theory of high performance law firms with values based law firm businesses. Their combined 75 years business experience gives them the ability to say ‘they have been there, done that’.  In order to provide their clients with a full service company, they have brought into the team experts in the field of marketing, web strategy, and attorney mentors and advisors.  Their goal is to give you a competitive edge in today’s law firm market.    They provide tools for you to use through their blogs, products, timely tips, and even a free meeting.

Law Firm Coach

Law Firm Coach is a twice weekly blog that focuses on practical suggestions and discussion on the business of law firms.   Touching on subjects from human resources to management, marketing, and best business practices, Law Firm Coach teaches today’s law firm business owner how to achieve profitability the right way.

Wise Leader

Wise Leader is a weekly blog that focuses on the theory of strategic planning, leadership, self-mastery, and how to apply sound business principles and quality assurance to art of the business of law.    Focusing on leadership through the application of values and integrity, Wise Leader helps lawyers grow to achieve their full potential.

E-Books, White Papers, Resources

Books due to be published in the first quarter of 2011

  • Soaring Eagles by Cheryl Carey Leone with Contributions by Elizabeth Leone Noble & David W. Favor (Developing High Performance Employees)

  • From Planning to Profitability by David W. Favor with contributions by Cheryl Leone (High Performance Strategic Planning)

Free Stuff

Catalyst is a ‘for profit company’ but never at the expense of doing what we love to do.   Our goal is to help you get on the right path even if it means that you don’t need us.   We freely share ideas and even offer a one day consultation in Raleigh at no charge if it helps you figure out where you want to go.

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