Law Firm Coaching Events

Mini Boot Camps

Catalyst schedules mini-boot camps throughout the year on various subjects that are designed to help small to medium size law firms effectively manage, master and market their firm.   These events are held in Raleigh, North Carolina or Columbia, South Carolina.   The classes are deliberately kept small (10 or less) . The boot camps  are working training classes designed to provide intense learning in a short period of time.

Call us to see what we can schedule or if it is already scheduled:

  • Management 101 (For first time non lawyer office managers who are new to the field) 3 days:  Limit 5 per class  Cost: $999.00 per person
  • Integrated Marketing (For small law firms on how to create a marketing plan) 1 day: Limit 10 per class  Cost: $399.00 per person
  • Path to Self-Mastery (1st step to high performance law firm mastery) 2 days:  Cost: $750.00 per person
  • Leadership in Law (High Performance Leadership) 2 days:  Cost: $750.00 per person
  • Management for Lawyers (High Performance Management of Firm Members) 2 days Cost: $750.00 per person
  • Soaring Eagles (Learning to be a high performance professional paralegal) 1 day  Cost: $249.00 per person

*Discounts given to law firms on Path to Self-Mastery, Leadership in Law, Management for Lawyers if requested for lawyers within same firm at same location.

For more information or if you wish to attend and secure a spot in one of these events contact

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