Knowledge not shared is just information

Catalyst has created Lawyer’s E-Briefcase as a way to share our decades of knowledge and our visionary look at tomorrow’s world of law firms. From E-Books to E-booklets, white papers, forms, tricks of the trade, and even knowledge from others, Catalyst will be a source for all people in the legal profession who want to grow. Start first with us! If we can’t help you we will try to get you to the right people.

Our newest book, Soaring Eagles, is now available for purchase. Defining the new way to create a high performance law firm by developing attorneys and non-lawyers, Leone & Favor present a powerful reason for changing the way law firms do business if they want to survive in the next decade.

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Our E-books are found on Amazon and are available in Kindle format as well as Nook (Barnes & Nobles), iPad and iPhone (Smashword).

Coming this month is PRO BONO our way of giving back. PRO BONO will contain free mentoring services along with free booklets, firms, techniques and trips for you to use.

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