Law Firm Consultants: Outsourcing to Catalyst

Over the years we have simply found that there are some things Catalyst can do more efficiently and more cost effective than a law firm can do internally.   As we help develop law firms we have learned that sometimes it is easier for you to ask Catalyst to do it.  We make every effort to customize our services to best help you.  100% of all our law firm clients have stay involved with us over the years on projects or just to ask for advice from time to time.  Whether you are with Catalyst for a short project, long term partnership, or need a question answered, once you are a Catalyst client we will always be there for you.  You just need to pick up the phone and ask.

Outsourcing we are asked to help with from time to time

  • Helping with new hires
  • Values defining for new hires or existing firm members
  • Annual partner retreats
  • Financial trending analysis
  • Mentoring at risk associates or key employees
  • Creating internal documents and forms
  • Monthly managing partner support
  • Key management personnel evaluations
  • Coaching owners and partners
  • Attend partner meetings for accountability
  • Marketing Gatekeeping
  • Social Media delivery, copy, blogging
  • Writing marketing materials including books, pamphlets, etc.

To learn more, please contact us.