Speaking: Law Firm Business Insight

Speaking in the format of “He Said, She Said”, Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone bring to the table both theory and practice when it comes to the management, mastery and marketing of law firms, your career, and your personal life goals.   They motivate their audiences to think beyond today, define a successful personal life, and pursue their dreams. Combining their talks with a sense of humor, real life experiences, and a passion for law firms and lawyers, the two of them are much sought after speakers.

One of their more popular speeches is ‘Lawyers Are from Mars’ and was given to McDonald’s Legal Department in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have presented at professional state associations as well as private organizations and businesses.

Their ability to customize their speeches to their audience not only for legal events but for businesses and private groups, Dave Favor and Cheryl Leone have the ability to motivate their audience to rethink how to live life.

Sample Speaking Topics

  • From Expert to Advocate (transforming your law firm into a high performance client based firm)
  • Lawyers Are From Mars (Communication within the workplace)
  • From Planning to Profit (Strategic Planning for law firms)
  • The Ties That Bind (Building client loyalty)
  • It is a want or a need?  (Financial control in business)
  • Soaring Eagles (Developing high performance employees)
  • Integrated Marketing (Developing a 360 marketing plan)
  • The Making of Leaders (Debunking the leadership myths)
  • Gone for the Gold – Be Back later:  Being proactive to get what you want
  • Now We understand Why Wolves Eat Their Young (Developing family values)
  • Everyone should own a flak jacket (Learning to set boundaries)
  • The Tombstone Theory (Creating importance in your life)
  • Dream, Believe, Dare, Do (Achieving all you want through values based living)
  • It’s Not Our Daddy’s World (Living in today’s world for tomorrow)
  • Self-Mastery – From Chaos to Control

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