Planning Retreats for Law Firms

With your vision in hand, your values defined, and a strategic plan in hand you now must provide a venue to opens the plan for discussion and begin to make plans to EXECUTE THE PLAN.

Planning retreats can be a one owner retreat with Catalyst or it can be a partnership.  It can also involve key firm members.  The goal is to come out of the retreats with a short term plan that allows you to implement and execute your goals.  Involving people who will have a vested interest in your success begins with a properly planned retreat.

Our retreats are off-site at our request. We want you focused. We confiscate your cell phones during the sessions. It does not have to be an expensive process. We create an agenda with you and a plan of what we want to accomplish. We facilitate the retreat, maintain records, and at the end provide a summary of decision making along with any further recommendations or observations we noted.

Fees are based upon our time, the number of team members we bring with us, and the depth and breadth of the retreat. We always recommend your first retreat be our “Dream, Believe, Execute” format.

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