Strategic Planning for Law Firms

Strategic planning is not a mystery. A good strategic plan is nothing but a road map showing you how to get where you want to go over the long term. At Catalyst, we believe you must visualize your future and then build backwards.  The past should be a source of inspiration but to be effective in the future you must be in the future.  Catalyst looks ahead.   We help you define what you want to be and then we start working backwards to today’s starting point.

Vision, Values, Mission

The basis for a high performance plan includes a well defined vision, shared values, a clear mission that is linked to the vision, and people dedicated to the firm.

Out of your strategic plan can come target specific plans such plans for business projects, financial requests or marketing.   The only limits in planning are those you place on yourself. Planning and accountability is the key to turning a firm around and bringing it into alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Our approach to strategic planning has been the cornerstone of success for law firm practices. We have the ability to develop accountable benchmarks that guarantee the success of the plan.  Our plans are working, living, breathing documents that if followed deliver success.

Any plan you do that sits on the shelf and gather’s dust is worth nothing.  Catalyst clients see positive on-going growth as their strategic plan evolves.

Our plans stay on your desk!

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Planning Retreats
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Targeted Specific Plan

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