High Performance Law Firm Employee Evaluations

The annual old fashion evaluation process simply doesn’t work anymore for these reasons:

  • You have a multi-generational workforce; each who need to be managed and motivated in different ways
  • High performance individuals want on-going goals and told how to win the game
  • Every employee in the world knows that the annual evaluation only covers the prior 90 days.  If you did something exceptionally great that will be the focus of the evaluation.  If you did something bad it will be discussed.
  • Employees believe the only way to get the raise is to have the evaluations. (By the way, never give raises at evalutaions.)

High performance evaluations are about developing employees by reviewing strengths and weaknesses and then setting goals and providing the resources. When employees know you invest in them they invest in you.

Catalyst will help you design pro-active high performance evaluations for your firm use and even train you and  your management team how to develop and grow a high performance firm member.

High Performance Evaluations

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Being a High Performance Owner
High Performance Law Firm Work Culture
High Performance Training for the Firm
Hiring High Performance Employees
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