High Performance Law Firm Work Culture

Creating Soaring Eagles

A high performance law firm work culture is defined as an organization in which each person is a contributing partner to the business. High performance work environments require a deep respect and trust in people. People are not viewed as extensions of machines, objects to be manipulated nor costs to be controlled but rather as thinking and feeling human beings who bring enormous energy, creativity and talent to their work. Most people want jobs that are meaningful and allow them autonomy to make decisions and contribute to the company in significant ways. Effective organizations are those moving beyond attempting to control people to trusting and empowering them with the resources, information, tools, skills and support to manage their work processes and create products and services of unprecedented quality.

Catalyst believes in developing individuals into self-governing, responsible individuals who will drive the vision of the firm.   We start by looking at your human resources program from top to bottom.  We interview all members of your firm no matter their position.  We hold these interviews in strict confidence.   We find out how everything thinks.  We do surveys and we ask the right questions.  With this information we then provide an assessment of where you are.

Building a new work culture

With commitment from the firm owners, we help create a program where there is a ‘buy in’ from the firm members on a new way to work within the firm.  We help create a set of desirable work traits that all firm members will possess.  We provide training in key critical areas.   We teach firm members the values and the vision needed for the firm to be successful. We implement rewards for the self-starters who can be self-govering and responsible.

And just so you know we don’t believe in evaluations – we believe in motivational goal setting that allows firm memers to grow and develop to become the force that drives the firm.   We also believe most HR Manuals are not read.  We help create desirable work traits and some minimal rules but leave the employees to handle their behavior within the guidelines.

Most firms keep their eagles in cages.  We help you open the cage door and release your people to be soaring eagles.

Creating High Performance Teams
Being a High Performance Owner
High Performance Evaluations
High Performance Training for the Firm
Hiring High Performance Employees
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