High Performance Training for the Law Firm

Transforming your firm comes through the development of teams into the principles of high performance thought process.  Catalyst provides series of teaching modules from half day to full day workshops that allows your firm to become synergized and ready to help the firm reach its vision.

Team Development Courses

  • Becoming a High Performance Firm Member
  • Leadership 101 (Basics of leadership)
  • Lawyers are From Mars (Communicating within the firm)
  • Follow The Leader (Leadership Course)
  • We Are Who We Are (Teaching firm values)
  • I ‘yam who I ‘yam (Communication skills across generational lines)
  • In Pursuit of Excellence (Managing your teams to success)
  • The ABC’s of delegation (Learning to delegate)
  • Handling Workplace Negative (Working with difficult people)
  • Attitude versus Aptitude (Developing work place attitudes that work)
  • Say What?  (Communication in the 21st Century Workplace)
  • Extraordinary Client Service (Being the best of the best)
  • 4 Rules In Managing Others (supervision and management tips)
  • Don’t Go There (Conflict Resolution)
  • The Ark (Diversity Training)
  • Soaring Eagles (High Performance Employee Development)*
  • Foundation for Success (Working with Values Based Management)
  • Teaching so Others Can Teach (Learning to teach others)
  • Best in Show (Professionalism in the work place)
  • Isn’t Anyone Listening Anymore?  (How to be an effective communicator)

*Soaring Eagles is a national column written for paralegal associations within certain states as requested.  The book Soaring Eagles has an anticipated publication date of December, 2010.

Creating High Performance Teams
Being a High Performance Owner
High Performance Law Firm Work Culture
High Performance Evaluations
Hiring High Performance Employees
Senior Leadership
Managing Partner

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