Law Firm Leadership Design


A common misconception is that the owner or partners are the only leaders of the firm. Not True!   Creating a leadership team made up of stakeholders will help drive the vision of the firm.   Stakeholders are people who have a vested interest in the success of a firm.   Most firms have other individuals from management, to supervisors, to attorneys, to non-lawyers who are committed beyond the job. They see the big picture.   The goal of any firm has to be to identify those people in key positions and develop that group to lead through change and beyond. These are your stakeholders.

We recognize that leading a firm through change is a challenge of the highest order.   Our approach is to define who the key leaders are.  We then create a group called stakeholders.  They will advise and help the owner or partners of the firm achieve the firm vision.  Catalyst can become a part of your stakeholders’ board and helps mentor and teach the team how to manage and lead.

We find all of our clients are highly motivated to make change but unprepared to lead the firm through the change.  Without stabilized change the firm cannot move forward in its new direction. Leaders are not born they are made.  We mentor and teach value based leaderships skills.

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