Exit Strategies for Law Firm Owners

Catalyst has a saying that you never build any business or law firm you are not willing to sell. We do have law firm owners who want to continue to practice law as long as they can. We are proud to say we have smart law firm owners who will continue to practice law as long as they want but they have set up their firm in such a manner that as the complexities of the practice continue and their desire to step back occurs, they have been able to leverage their partnership interest to fund their vision of a good life.

Looking Down the Road

Unfortunately we also find far too many law firm owners who have never looked down the road to see where they want to go until it is too late. We help law firm owners develop an exit strategy from full time ownership and management into a transition to what they want. We have helped incorporate personal goals and needs. We help them build in safeguards within their firm if not there that allows them to do this.

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