Managing Legal Partner Support

Usually by default a managing partner is selected to over-see the firm without much direction or a defining of duties and responsibilities.

Every law firm regardless of size needs someone to assume the leadership position of managing partner with defined duties and authority.  Even a two person partnership has to define the role. The partners need to establish some balance between their rights as a partner in relationship to that of being a firm member as well.    A law firm cannot be run by consensus and partners have to at some point become subordinate in the management of the firm.

The Managing Partner

The managing partner can be ill equipped to suddenly be faced with wearing two or three hats.  He or she may be the managing partner but may also be a partner and also a practicing attorney.   Add to that the learning curve as the face of law firm management is constantly changing and you can have a pressurized position that can polarize the firm.

Catalyst serves as a mentor to managing partners who seek advice from Catalyst on firm issues.   If the firm itself needs to define the role as to duties and authority Catalyst can help with that as well.

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