Law Firm Owner Leadership Training

MYTH: Leaders are born, not made!
TRUTH: Most of us posses leadership qualities and can develop these skills if they seek to do so!

MYTH: Law Firm Owners are Leaders!
TRUTH: Some Law Firm Owners are Leaders by title only!

Leadership is a skill used to realize your vision through the cooperation and contribution of others.  The job of a leader is to motivate or influence people while focused on the vision.   Leaders are able to do this by virtue of the training, knowledge and skills.   Leaders are made when they recognize the need to learn and grow into the role.   This involves a willingness to become involved in self-study and self-knowledge.

Catalyst’s Leadership in Law training  is designed to bring owners or partners together in discovering the art of leadership.   It is easy to tell someone what to do.  It is an art to motivate someone to do it.

Time and time again we have seen law firms fail in their quest because the owner or partners did not believe they needed leadership training.   It is only through self-awareness will you and your firm grow.

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