Law Firm Partnership and Owner Retreats

The sole proprietor seldom thinks about having his or her own personal and professional business retreat but Catalyst is pleased to announce that many of its clients do that.   Our sole firm owners take time to look backwards so they can move forward both personally and professionally.  The retreat is a time of personal and professional reflection coupled with a hard look at where the firm is at the moment and where it needs to go.  Our clients walk away energized and enthused to continue its goal for on-going improvement to a profitable law firm business.

Our clients who are in a partnership have the same goals.  By coming together once a year in a pre-planned facilitated retreat, the partners can review its governance, make sure the partners are aligned with the same vision, and can provide direction as it moves forward.   Governance is more than the name of ‘partner’ but an active participation in the affairs of the firm.  If the firm has a managing partner, this is a time to provide guidance in the growth and development of the firm so that the firm is pro-active and not reactive.

Healthy owners or  partnerships set aside time every year to have a working retreat that readdresses the entire firm, its strategic plan, and makes course corrections as needed.

Dream, Believe, Execute

Dream, Believe, Execute is the Catalyst Owner/Partnership Retreat format where we become involved in the internal workings of your firm and help you set up an agenda that best promotes good discussions and decision makings.   Catalyst likes to see Practice Audits done before a retreat to make sure all issues are on the table.

Profitability with stability comes from constant planning and course correction.

Successful Retreat Rules!

  • Off-site location where the focus is on hard work each day
  • Defined agenda
  • No cell phones
  • Willingness to be prepared in advance of the retreat
  • Mutual Respect

Retreat planning doesn’t happen over-night.  Make a decision now to become a for profit-firm!

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