Legal Partnership Dissolutions

Catalyst has experience in handling law firm partnership dissolutions.  Our goal is to remain objective and handle things in the best interests of our client even though the client is the entire partnership or just one of the partners.

Maintaining Stability

As when a marriage dissolves the issues remaining are as much intangible as they are tangible. We have found that our role becomes one of maintaining stability and objectivity as partners work through issues that affect not only the assets of the firm but also future relationships with each other.

We can help facilitate the division of assets, bringing in experts if needed, and provide internal stability of the firm as the dissolution takes place.  We work with the experts needed in firm valuations and assets as well as division of the assets once agreed upon.  We are the listening ear for youas you work your way through the effects of a dissolution and where you go next.

As hard as a dissolution is, it is simply smart business to do it the right way and in a manner that allows all to be in a win-win position.

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