Law Firm Partnership Entry Programs

It takes only seconds to go to the internet and find thousands of different view points on law firm partnerships. Where before partnerships were given out for longevity and hard work or was the key goal of new lawyers the truth of the matter is that our culture and our work force has changed. Law firm partnerships are not give-a-ways. Nor does every lawyer want to be a partner.

Customized Programs

Catalyst helps design partnership entry programs customized to the ownership of the law firm. Each firm is so unique coupled with different visions and directions that we do not believe there is one clear answer.

We work with the owner or partners to define what their personal goals are so that the partnership can develop some type of entry for new partners that will continue to meet the vision of the firm.  It truly is a combined collaborative work product between all partners or owners and Catalyst.

We believe once designed then all members of the firm have a buy-in as to the parameters required to become partnership material and to be given the tools and resources to help them achieve that if that is their goal.

This is one decision you do not make when the candidate is standing on your door!
Partnership Planning
Partnership Dissolutions
Partnership and Owner Retreats
Exit Strategies
Succession Planning
Owner Leadership Training
Managing Partner Support

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