Legal Partnership Planning

We are most excited when we are called in to discuss partnership planning before it happens.  Unfortunately most partnerships are formed after the fact and with little or no long term thinking.  We believe partnerships are like a marriage.  It is as much about the legal issues as it is the relationship issues.

Values-based Partnering

Catalyst believes in values-based partnering.  Simply put, this means that if you and your partners are not aligned on your core values and principles the partnership at some point will dissolve or break up.  At the very least it is contentious.

When Catalyst is involved in either pre-partnership planning or even when partners want to redefine their partnership, we begin an extensive journey to determine the values, wants and needs of each partner and whether or not their personal and professional vision is aligned with the others.  We facilitate discussions and we bring out the hidden issues so there are clear expectations from all partners.  We customize our partnership planning to meet your needs and where you are at this point in your career.

A partnership based on mutual respect with common shared values and an aligned vision should always be the goal.

Partnership Dissolutions
Partnership and Owner Retreats
Partnership Entry Programs
Exit Strategies
Succession Planning
Owner Leadership Training
Managing Partner Support

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