Law Firm Information and Technology

Lawyers love gadgets!
Newer is not necessarily better!

We are in a technology age that is evolving at warp speed.   So many products are on the market, being changed even as it hits the shelves, and new needs are emerging on a daily basis.   Law firm owners are being faced with a good portion of its budget given out for technology but no defined plan or costs.  Law firms are now a part of the virtual world and operate on the web.

Catalyst has no stake in the game with the purchase of technology and we select advisers who are there for one purpose; i.e. to tell you the truth about your technology and give an opinion with what you need.

Our technology advisers review your system and provide you with an assessment of what you currently have.   We look to your strategic plan to see where you want to go.  We then ask the right people to provide solutions on what you need over a defined period of time.

We provide third party objective opinions by knowledgeable people in the Information & Technology field who will work with us and your firm to get the right opinions and advice.

And if you need to move forward in a different direction we will help you write RFP (Requests for Proposal) and review them with you.

The goal is to place your firm on a stable path to solid technology performance with cutting edge ideas that keep you competitive at a price you can afford.

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